2014 has been an excellent year for me and my subscribers! Personally I’m up nearly a quarter million dollars in trading profits from my iPhone, trading in my schools hallways, at lunch, and in class! I don’t have the luxury of other traders who get to sit in front of a computer all day and trade “properly” rather I trade on an iPhone, something thats really never been heard of, yet I’ve done it successfully for over a year now! Subscribers of mine who range from college students, to full time professionals are up thousands in December alone! I was featured on Fox Business and various other news outlets, watch my interview here. All my trades are verified and can be seen here !

I was able to reflect on my past trades, both successes and failures, I traded $90k all the way DOWN to $52k in March before turning it into over $320k. I now have a refined strategy that can be seen in this live trade and in my education corner where I have a video library that include all my trades, good and bad, and are fully analyzed in depth so you too can learn from my successes and failures.

Next year will be extremely exciting too, be on the look out for my DVD being released in January, SchoolTrader, where I cover all the basics, and go in depth on trading, strategy, good and bad trades, live trades, trading on a smartphone and much more! It is an essential handbook for part time traders to successful trade without softwares, monitors, etc, rather just a smartphone. Start your New Year strong with a plan to become a better trader, and a more profitable trader by taking advantage of the promo code “CONNORSGIFT” at checkout to get discounted membership!