About Us

Connor Bruggemann is a self-taught, and completely self-made trader who, by the age of 18, turned a few thousand dollars into a $340,000+. Connor earned his initial capital by working his first real job at the age of 14 as a bus boy, and later became a waiter at a local restaurant. Opposed to spending his earnings, he chose to save it and took an interest in investing in the stock market (mainly in dividend yielding stocks, such as Verizon, AT&T, PSE&G, etc.) However, the lack of exciting movement in these stocks drove Connor to learn about and seek out more speculative companies. Connor initially tuned $9,700 into nearly $95,000 in a few months, and by not having a strategy or a community to learn from LOST $40,000 by March of 2014. Since then, Connor has developed a refined trading strategy, which has guided him to be a very successful trader and put him up over $340,0000 today. Now, he is sharing his tactics in effort to mentor both new traders, and traders of any experience level to perfect their current strategy. Not only does Connor look to personal mentor, but Connor aims to change the way financial education is given and assembles a team of self sufficient traders to help subscribers as well. Connor’s story has been featured on The Verge, Fox Business, Bro Bible, Bloomberg, and various other news outlets! See Connor’s trades here.

Our Services

Daily watch lists will be posted to the site and will be sent out to members via email. These watch lists will feature stocks that Connor and chat room moderators will be watching throughout the course of the day. They will feature in depth analysis on each stock and what catalysts Connor is basing his potential play off of.

Having trouble finding good stocks to trade? Worrying that you do not have the time to do all of the due diligence necessary to find great trades? If this is true, then you will greatly benefit from receiving Connor’s Trade Alerts. Connor will send every member an alert of what stocks he is analyzing, entering, and exiting, exactly when he is doing it. All of Connor’s Trade Alerts will be sent out via SMS (text) message and in the chat room. This will allow the member who works 40+ hours a week to not change their schedule, and still be able to profit with us on a daily basis.

Want to ask Connor questions about a stock, a specific trade, charting, or anything else? Come into the chat room and join us as Connor hosts a Q&A with members each week.

Found in the education corner are videos of alerts that Connor has given and plays he has made. In these videos, he goes in depth on how the stock hit his radar, why he sold the stock and what lessons can be learned.

Developed around Connors strategy, the bible covers all the fundamentals needed prior to learning his strategy. It then goes in depth on his strategy, reading charts, level 2, etc.. We highly encourage members to read the Bible immediately after signing up, as this is the tool that expedites learning fastest.