This year has been great to me, and the month of December has been great to me and my subscribers! Traders with no experience are up $500, $600, and even $700 just last week alone! They are utilizing the tools I have on my site, going into my Q&As with me, and are LEARNING to be self sufficient traders, stay tuned to see an interview with one of my subscribers! Not only do my subscribers use my watch list and chat room moderators watch list, they’re learning to find their own stocks! I’ve gotten a lot of requests after my Fox Interview and various articles, so here’s what I’m going to do for you in the giving season!

First, here is access to an unlisted live trade of mine from today, many traders weren’t even trading, but subscribers and I were trading and banking! So what I’m going to do is give YOU access to a live trade where me and my subscribers banked! Despite it being a holiday week, a few subscribers were in chat and it was worth their while. So here is access to a JDST Live Trade  from today!

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I hope you and your families have a great holiday together, and get inspired to study these patterns and learn how to be a self sufficient trader!