Started following Investors Corner last week watched his DVD, and made first trade today for 17cents/ share on Long BAS! #study#success#trader

“Hi Connor! Glad I signed up with you. Learning a lot every day. So far ahead $400.00 :) in three days. Appreciate all the advise from you and the group. Have a wonderful evening!” -Steven D

“Before joining Investor’s Corner, I had an investment account and mainly bought mutual funds and stocks in companies I liked such as Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks. Once I decided to take a more proactive role in my investing and learn how to trade properly, I quickly realized that you need to immerse yourself with a supportive community. What Connor has done with Investor’s Corner is assemble a collection of resources, moderators, and analyses that allow anyone to learn the ropes and identify great trades. The chatroom is an interactive support group that will help you trade better no matter what level of expertise you may have. Connor also provides fantastic watch lists and more importantly, goes over trades that occurred recently in video lessons.”

Closed out two trades today for $1850 in profits! FWM from $6.47 to $6.94. AVEO from $1.46 to 1.59. Not bad for two days into the month!”

“I have been trading for little over half a year before finding Investors Corner. Everyone I talked to taught me that you will lose money when starting investing and so when I did, I thought that was the cost of learning the market. I too got tired of playing big stocks so I spent many weeks researching different penny stock websites before deciding upon joining. Investors Corner. After just a few short weeks I fully regret not joining sooner because I have witnessed firsthand, in the Chat Room, people making profits with no more knowledge than what is provided on the site. Due to the expertise of Connor and the moderators people who have never traded before don’t have to start out in the red like me. The Education Corner taught me everything that you need to know to be confident when making trades. The Chat Room is filled with people every day the market is open, and there is always a mod to answer questions or concerns. Successful trades by anyone are congratulated and ones that do not go according to plan are analyzed so that the same mistakes don’t happen again. The website is constantly evolving because everyone who joins has a voice that is heard. I plan to use Investors Corner to continue turning a profit and make a full time job trading during my spring 2015 semester.” -Philip C