One of the best times to trade my strategy is when you get a stock, or an entire sector getting killed and sold left and right, then you get the awaited bounce! Crude oil has been on a free fall the past few months, but a bounce finally began Tuesday intraday after testing $44.40 it bounced to the $46 area, and ultimately Thursday pre market went over $51 per barrel before giving up all its gains. Oil plays have been on my watch list all week because they have such awesome setups, and my subscribers learn these patterns found here, and profited off of them! Most of my subscribers are like you probably, new to trading and really want to learn how to be a trader and understand these setups. One subscriber Mike J took in over $1200 between Wednesday and the first 5 minutes of trading on Thursday, trading on a small account, but following my strategy and studying my video library of tons of past trades, trading tips, etc.

Some of the main plays we traded include WRES which went from $1.21 to $1.40, EXXI which moved from $2.38 to a pre market high of $2.81. KEG which broke out from $1.34 to $1.60, and XCO which went from $1.70 to $2.04. We traded many others these are just some, but the strategy is there, we began watching these Friday and waited all Monday and most of Tuesday for this bounce and it was so predictable and profitable if traded properly.

The bounce was fun and lasted a couple days, now who knows what happens, probably goes lower, but the key is when it did bounce I was prepared with my subscribers on some of the best small cap oil/energy plays out there, if your patient and wait for setups you WILL profit, 2015 has been fun so far and I’m excited to teach more of you my strategy and learn to minimize risk and maximize profits so you too can be a successful trader in any type of market condition. I want ALL of you to learn how to be a successful trader so I’m offering a discount code for membership with us, use CRUDEBOUNCE at checkout to get your discount!